Hire Terms and Conditions

By paying any part of the hire price the hirer is agreeing to the following IMPhotoboothsacramento Terms and Conditions. Any variations to these Terms and Conditions must be agreed to in writing by IMPhotoboothsacramento upon
Hiring, Delivery and Service
Delivery, set up and removal of the photobooth is free of charge and occurs outside of the booked rental period.
A photobooth attendant will remain with the photobooth for the duration of the booking time.
The complete details and inclusions of your package will be disclosed to you in writing by IMPhotoboothsacramento at the time of your booking.

Our Requirements
We require a clean, flat, dry and smoke free area of approximately 3m x 3m x 2m high for our larger photobooth (which includes space for our attendant tables), with sufficient overhead and side cover from the elements (if outdoors) and one normal power point within 10 metres. It will be the hirer’s responsibility to ensure their venue function coordinator or private function coordinator is made aware of these requirements and can accommodate them.
To protect your photo album and the props, drinks are not allowed on the props/album tables.
For safety reasons and to protect the interior of the photobooth, drinks, glasses or bottles, food or cigarettes are not allowed inside the photobooth.

We agree to supply a wide variety of props for our clients and their guests to use at their booked event. We reserve the right to withhold or remove all or certain props from use if the attendant considers they are being damaged, mistreated or continually removed from the photobooth area. Children under the age of ten must be supervised by an adult when selecting props and when operating the photobooth.

Use of Images/Privacy
When hiring from IMPhotoboothsacramento, the hirer gives permission for images captured at the event to be used on the IMPhotoboothsacramento website and for advertising purposes, unless the client requests otherwise, in writing, before the date of the event.
 IMPhotoboothsacramento will not use images which are deemed unsuitable or inappropriate on our website or for advertising and will not use any content that we consider may be personally damaging to any person(s).
 IMPhotoboothsacramento will not sell your personal details to any third party and will take all reasonable measures to ensure that your personal details remain confidential.

Failure to Complete
At all times care will be taken by IMPhotoboothsacramento to ensure delivery of the booked package, however, should unforeseen equipment failure prevent this, during the normal course of events, liability will be limited to a total or partial refund of monies paid, dependant on our deliberation of the unique circumstances and/or the amount of the booking that was fulfilled successfully.
 IMPhotoboothsacramento cannot be held in any way liable if equipment or accessories failure or damage (including electrical, water or other liquid damage) is due to any negligence, an act or fault on the part of any venue or venue staff or is due to any negligence, act or fault on the part of any client or client guest or other person using a IMPhotoboothsacramento photobooth at your event/function, which negligence, act or fault, wilful or accidental in turn prevented the successful completion of the agreed to IMPhotoboothsacramento service(s).

A travel surcharge may apply to events located more than 30 minutes normal travel time from our nearest base. Any travel charges must be agreed to by both parties and shall be disclosed in writing by IMPhotoboothsacramento prior to booking.

Any parking fees assigned to the photobooth attendant’s vehicle in the course of delivering the photobooth, remaining at the venue to operate the photobooth, and removing the photobooth at the end of the booked period to are to be covered by the hirer.
Short Bookings
1 hour and 2 hour bookings are to commence no later than 8PM. An additional fee of $50 will apply to bookings commencing later than 8PM.

 IMPhotoboothsacramento cannot be held responsible for unforeseen delays at the venue, which are out of our control.
Force Majeure
 IMPhotoboothsacramento will not be liable for failing to perform under the agreement by the occurrence of any event beyond our reasonable control, including a labour disturbance, internet outage or interruption of service, communication outage, fire, threatened or actual act of terrorism, natural disaster, or war.

A $100 deposit is necessary to secure the event/function date. Until a deposit is received, the date cannot be confirmed. The outstanding amount will fall due 14 days before the booked date, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by both parties. Installment payments at the clients own pace are welcomed, provided the full payment has been received by IMPhotoboothsacramento at least 14 days before the booked date.
If a booking occurs within 7 days of the event, the non-refundable full payment is due within 48 hours of the event/function date, unless other terms are agreed to in writing by both parties.

Security Statement
Our banking details for direct deposit will be noted on your invoice and should not change at any time. If you receive any emails purporting to represent IMPhotoboothsacramento, listing changes to our banking details, please contact IMPhotoboothsacramento by phone before making any payments. We will not be held liable for payments made to the wrong location.

If a booking is cancelled by the hirer or their agent more than 30 days prior to the booked date, the deposit will be refunded, less a $125 administration fee. If a cancellation is made by the hirer or their agent within 30 days of the booked date, the deposit and all monies paid to that date will be forfeited, unless IMPhotoboothsacramento can replace the hirer’s booking with a new booking, in which case all monies paid to that date will be returned to the hirer or their agent, minus a $125 administration fee. If IMPhotoboothsacramento has not received final payment for a booking at least 24 hours before the booked date, IMPhotoboothsacramento will deem that a cancellation on behalf of the hirer and all monies paid to date will be forfeited, unless both parties have made prior mutually agreed to arrangements in writing for a late payment.

If a client wishes to move a booking to another date it will be at the discretion of the IMPhotoboothsacramento management staff as to whether this is a viable option. In most cases a postponement can be arranged, however if the management deems the postponement unviable, the booking will be deemed a cancellation and the above cancellation terms will apply.

The IMPhotoboothsacramento operator may pause or terminate the use of the photobooth at any time during the event if they consider that the guests are behaving in a way that the operator(s) believes to be dangerous to themselves or any persons, or potentially damaging to the product.
The photobooth attendant reserves the right to exclude a person or persons from the photobooth if the attendant considers that person to be grossly intoxicated or behaving in an aggressive or abusive manner towards the photobooth attendant or behaving in a manner that the photobooth attendant considers may damage IMPhotoboothsacramento property.

Phone Contact Numbers: (916)995-3785 or (925)518-2937
Website: www.imphotoboothsacramento.us

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